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In addition to the STEAM Program, we will offer other after-school services to help kids stay safe, engaged, and productive. These services will include After-school Learning Center, Sports & Recreation, Kids and Arts, and Community Engagement (volunteering). 


While students are our future leaders and schools are our greatest resources- parents are our strongest advocates for after-school programming.

A recent study among parents of Wisconsin states that: 

  • 70% say after-school programs help them keep their jobs 

  • 58% say after-school programs keep their kids excited about learning 

  • 75% say an after-school program reduces the likelihood that their kids will engage in risky behavior 

After-school programs offer:


Extra exposure to learning and exploring


Opportunity for students to follow their passions


Equal opportunity for all - as the wealthiest 20% of families spend almost seven times more on enrichment activities outside of school for their children than do the poorest 20%*


Legitimate chance to close the opportunity gap by offering engaging programs to a diverse range of students

Kids in Art Class

Consider donating today to give our kids a greater chance to succeed both in the classroom and in the community!

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