Children in Science Class

S.T.E.M. After-School Program

Does your child enjoy working in a team environment to solve problems, using technology to brainstorm and document ideas, or participating in friendly engineering-based challenges? 

Are you interested in building your child’s confidence in STEM fields?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider enrolling your child in the STEM after-school program held at the Door of Hope Center. Door of Hope offers a 16-week module to introduce students to career paths that they might not normally be exposed to and helps build skill sets important in an ever-changing, increasingly complex world.

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Blackhawk Middle School was blessed to partner with Door Creek Church through the Door of Hope program.  They consistently invested time, resources and prayers for myself, our staff, students, and the community during my time as principal at Blackhawk. Door Creek church served as a key partnership for our school and community with regards to modeling servant leadership and providing opportunities for our students, families and staff that went above and beyond the means of many of our students and families. Black Hawk will forever be grateful for Door Creek Church and Door of Hope!

- Jamie Sims, Former principal, Blackhawk Middle School

Excited Children in Science Class

The Door of Hope Center is passionate about helping kids and families flourish! The after-school STEM program provides a positive environment for learning and educational development. This program helps give students the freedom and the confidence to dream big while equipping them with the tools for future success.


The STEM program serves area students from surrounding public schools and exposes them to STEM-related concepts, which may help interested students to pursue an education and career in a STEM field. It helps to bridge the ethnic and gender opportunity gap often found in STEM fields.


Learning opportunities outside the regular school day help children see that programs such as STEM are more than a class to finish, but are activities with real-life implications. Students are taught to pull together the concepts presented in school and to see their relevance and how they can benefit the community and the world as a whole.

Math and Geometry Tools

Benefits of STEM

After-School Programming

Extra Exposure

STEM after-school programs can double the time some students have to question, tinker, learn and explore. More frequent participation in after-school STEM programs is correlated with greater STEM interest and higher scores on assessments.

Excite and Sustain

Engaging students in hands-on, real-world projects, this STEM after-school program offers an innovative opportunity for students to practice STEM skills in an informal environment.

Opportunity For All

The wealthiest 20 percent of families spend almost seven times more on enrichment activities outside school for their children than do the poorest 20 percent. STEM programs help to close this opportunity gap by offering engaging learning programs to a diverse range of students.


  • Provided 16 weeks of after-school STEM programming.

  • Provided 6 weeks of after-school STEAM programming.

  • Partnered with Packer Townhouse Community Learning Center, using their recording studio for songwriting and technology.

  • Served students from Blackhawk, Sherman, and Whitehorse Middle Schools in the Madison Public School System and two homeschooled students.

  • Developed a programming class with the Apple Store in Madison.

  • Partnered with the Muscle Kart STEM program at Illinois State University. (National Curriculum)